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By: Leamon Crooms

Case studies are a fantastic piece of content to add to your digital marketing strategy. What makes this type of content so different? They bring your audience directly into the customer’s journey with engaging content. They are part sales, part testimonial, and part storytelling. While they take skill to produce, a well-written case study benefits your business brand and marketing goals. 

One of the reasons that case studies offer such great ROI is because they are honest. The reality is that the best marketing efforts are sincere. What the case study does a little bit different than other content is it showcases your customer journey, from start to finish. Your audience gets to see how your customers benefitted from your products or services. And it’s written in an engaging way that keeps them entertained. 

The case study is effective because it doesn’t rely on gimmicks or fancy sales pitches. In fact, a case study doesn’t even read as marketing. Instead, it gives your audience an inside scoop on the success story you were able to help a client realize. 

What is a case study? 

While testimonials are helpful, a case study gives you a way to control the messaging for a fuller picture. This way, your team can ask questions from the customer and include data that showcases a positive ROI. With a testimonial, the customer gives a statement or perhaps answers questions. It’s not as engaging and doesn’t show the whole journey. 

In a case study, you tell the entire story from start to finish so the audience can clearly see how the process worked. You can add quotes from the subject of your case study and data to help your audience understand their savings, improved productivity, or increased profits. The case study is effective because your decision-maker is engaged emotionally. But they can also see clear data that showcases how their business would benefit from partnering with yours. 

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What case study benefits make them worth the effort? 

There are many benefits to using a case study. When they’re done well, the case study gives concrete examples that your target audience can see. When deciding on the client to feature in your case study, you should consider the target audience. For example, if you want to target more companies in the healthcare industry, make sure your case study features a company in that industry. If your key audience intends to fix a specific problem, say productivity, make sure your case study showcases ROI for productivity. You get the idea. The main benefit is that the case study can be tailored to depict the whole journey for your ideal customer. 

What type of benefits do you receive from a case study? They bolster your other marketing campaigns in a few ways. 

  • They help you build brand trust. Like testimonials, case studies act as a referral. But they are also written engagingly, so they act as marketing. And they also include data, so they entice the decision-makers. Case studies give you a lot of bang for your buck in building trust and transparency with your audience in a strategic way. 
  • Give your sales team data. Your sales team can use the data from your case studies to help them showcase the ROI when they’re closing deals with your customers. 
  • Give your sales team helpful content to share. Your sales team can also send case studies that are targeted for contacts to help them increase conversion. 

Storytelling tips to make your case study engaging 

We said earlier that it takes a good deal of skill to create a case study. This is true. You need to gather information, identify the best company to spotlight, ask them to agree to be interviewed. Then you need to take all of that information and turn it into an engaging journey. 

Here are some tips to make sure your case study brings in a high ROI: 

  • Share your case studies. It would be best if you made your case studies easy to find. You can’t just put them in a small section of your website and expect people to see them. Share them with your email list and on social media. You should also add CTAs to your case studies where appropriate in your content and on your landing pages. 
  • Make sure you’re capturing the data. One key aspect of a successful case study is that the decision-makers can see how their company will benefit. This is always done through numbers. Percentages of improvement or increased sales. Value is key. It would be best if you highlighted what they stand to gain. 
  • Make the format easy to skim and read. The design should be as engaging as the content. Make sure that you’re using graphics that are easy to understand and that your format is skimmable while still offering a great story. 
  • Capture the journey all the way through. Don’t just highlight a few details. Make sure you capture the story from start to finish and highlight how your company solved a problem or created value. 

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Are you looking for a marketing firm in Arizona to help with your case studies? 

Case studies are challenging to create but completely worth the effort for your brand. If you want your case study to engage the audience and truly highlight what your company does best, it’s essential to get this content asset right. 

At StatGrow, we offer a full range of content and digital marketing solutions, including professionally created case studies. When we work with clients, we take time to assess their business and understand their mission, to capture the essence of what makes them unique. Contact us today and let us take the lead on developing a case study that truly showcases your business to increase your conversions and your customer base. 

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